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Thursday, 21 August 2014

15% of French people supportive of ISIS - new poll.

According to a recent poll, up to 15 percent of French people said they have a positive attitude toward the Islamic State, formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The share of ISIS supporters is largest among France’s younger generation, a new poll says.

The results are unsurprising as France has the largest immigrant Muslim population in Europe, and is also busy exporting jihadists to the Middle East.  Shrewd investors will be filling their cellars with French wine, before all production ceases in favour of raisins and grape juce.

Think it couldn’t happen? In Lakemba, a suburb located in the south west of Sydney, the last remaining hotel is calling 'last drinks'.

Lakemba may be only 30 minutes from the centre of Sydney, yet it is remarkably distinct from the rest of the city. You can walk the length of crowded Haldon St and not hear a single phrase in English. On this main shopping strip the ethnic mix seems similar to what you’d find in any Arabic city. Australia may be multicultural, but Haldon St is a monoculture.

A few weeks ago a large crowd of mostly young men assembled outside the Lakemba Hotel. Waving black flags, the men chanted: “Palestine is Muslim land. The solution is jihad.”
I asked a non-Islamic local about that night. “You should see them when they really go off,” she said. “That was nothing.” Another non-Islamic woman said young men sometimes shouted “sharmuta” at her from their cars. She looked up the word online and discovered it was an Arabic term for prostitute.
Across the road from the hotel is the Islamic Bookstore, which bills itself as “your superstore of Islamic knowledge”. Three books caught my eye. Here’s an extract from Muhammad bin Jamil Zino’s “What a Muslim Should Believe”, a handy Q & A guide to the Koran’s instructions:
“Question 43: Is it allowed to support and love disbelievers? “Answer: No, it is not allowed.”

Well, that might explain a few things.  Read the entire article.

I have suggested before that very soon the only difference between London and Lahore will be the average daily temperature.  It would appear that is already the case for Sydney’s suburb of Lakemba.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A little slumber, a little sleep, a little folding of the hands to rest...

Several items came to my attention today that have caused me to question if all hope for humanity is lost.  I’m an optimist by nature, but there is a limit to what any of us can sustain on a daily basis.

First up events at home.  Someone steals emails and other documentation from Cameron Slater’s website (whale oil) and a left wing activist Nicky Hagar writes a book on their contents for profit and for political gain.  The media pick up on the details and there is a slow daily release of conversations between individuals that they believed were being held in private.

I admit that Cameron Slater is an ‘unlovely’ character.  But putting that to one side for a moment, consider if it were your emails, your political sides emails, someone you respected that had their private emails stolen.

Forty years ago, if someone had approached the media and said ‘hey, I have some stolen documentation that could be used for political advantage, will you publish it?’ I suspect they would have been told to ‘go to hell’ and possibly reported to the police. 

Theft was a crime in New Zealand back then, and to the best of my knowledge it still is.

However such niceties including respect for the law and personal privacy have evaporated from civil discourse in our country and these email conversations, as insipid as they are, have been published for all to see.  All reference to the illegality of their source has been pushed aside, ignored, forgotten, and consigned to irrelevancy.  But is it really irrelevant?

Second, who of us has not said things in private that we would not wish to be made public?  I for one would put my hand up.  Private conversations are just that, intented for the personal and immediate audience, not for the world at large.  It is an exercise in hypocrisy on behalf of journalists to publish these emails when they know very well that they would be equally embarrassed if their own private musings were made public.

And to what end? The sale of advertising on national television? Is that all that matters in our society today?

Next we rock deeper into TV1 news.  The beheading of captured American journalist James Foley by residents of the Islamic State, ISIS. Tony Abbot called it evil.  A step forward for someone who refuses to admit that there may be any conflict between cultures and civilizations.

I have blogged on the subject of Islam now for some considerable time. What we are seeing in Iraq is renascence Islam, the ideology in full bloom.  Christians from Morsel said that when ISIS came to town, they suffered the most violence from their Muslim neighbors whom they lived along side for a thousand years or more.

So much for interfaith outreach.

Why is ISIS behaving this way?  They are following the example of their prophet and the teaching of Islam expressed through the Quran. Please read this link, it is important that you understand the context and the absolute expression of theological Islam that is ISIS.  It is coming our way.

Then the TV1 news moved on to report forced marriages and child brides in Islamic Syria.  Girls as young as 13 were being sold into sexual slavery in the guise of marriage to men they did not know.  There is nothing new here.  The prophet Mohammad married Aisha when she was 6 years old, and consummated their marriage when she was 9 years of age. 

He was 53 at the time.

Friends, this is Islam.  It has not changed in 1,400 years.  Islam is Islam.  The same scriptures and practices that are being expressed by ISIS in Iraq and Syria are those that have been characteristic of Islam throughout history.

It is shocking because we are being confronted by it for the first time in our generation.  This is Islam as it is practiced in the Mosque down the road from you, in your city.  Child brides and forced marriages are happening in the UK – an estimated 8,000 last year in the UK, and also here in New Zealand by followers of Islam. 

I can keep reporting these abuses against humanity, these offenses against children, against decent human beings and civil society, but eventually we have to say ‘enough is enough’.  Are we going to keep importing this Islamic religious dysfunction into Australia and New Zealand?

The UK have carried on ‘full steam ahead’ with Islamic immigration and I can report that several cities in the UK have flown the Islamic Palestinian flag over their civic offices, not the least of them being Glasgow, a city that recently hosted the Olympics and who broadcast the Islamic call to prayer over the city every evening for two minutes during the games.

I asked the question at the time ‘it’s all very well to play nice with Islam, but will Islam play nice with us when the black flag flies over the council offices?’. Who could have guessed that within a few short weeks, the Islamic flag of Palestine would be flying over their city council buildings?

Folks this is Glasgow.  A supposedly western city council expressing support for Hamas and ISIS by flying their flag over the council chambers?  Ok, so I have imposed ISIS on them, but both ISIS and HAMAS, the governing body of Palestine, are considered terrorist organizations by Western governments, that is outside of Glasgow in the north, and the Tower Hamlets in London where their flag has also been flown.

Friends, the time is short.  If you are as deeply offended as I am by this betrayal of western civilization, it’s values and its future by our elected representatives, then it’s time to start talking to your friends about what is happening to us, and our civil society.


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Archbishop of Mosul: "I have lost my Diocese to Islam - You in the West will also become the victims of Muslims"

“Our sufferings today are the prelude of those you, Europeans and Western Christians, will also suffer in the near future. I lost my diocese. The physical setting of my apostolate has been occupied by Islamic radicals who want us converted or dead. But my community is still alive."

"Please, try to understand us. Your liberal and democratic principles are worth nothing here. You must consider again our reality in the Middle East, because you are welcoming in your countries an ever growing number of Muslims. Also you are in danger. You must take strong and courageous decisions, even at the cost of contradicting your principles. You think all men are equal, but that is not true: Islam does not say that all men are equal. Your values are not their values. If you do not understand this soon enough, you will become the victims of the enemy you have welcomed in your home.”

Archbishop Amel Nona

Chaldean Catholic Archeparch of Mosul, now exiled in Erbil

Monday, 18 August 2014

When it comes to politics, less is more.

When it comes to politics in New Zealand, and I suspect most western nations, I’m beginning to think that ‘less is more’.  We could all do with less costly promises that minor opposition parties know that they will never be required to deliver. Less costly promises that major parties know that only net tax payers will be called upon to deliver.

Less hacking, less posturing, less journalistic opinion, less photo ops, less name calling, less dishonesty, less utopian rhetoric, pretty much less of everything that goes to make up political campaigns these days.

There is an old Soviet saying that goes like this:  “the more things change, the more they remain the same.”  Six years ago a National Government was elected after nine years of Labour, in the hope that it would roll back the paternalistic state’s influence in our lives and in our wallets. 

Did it happen? Not so you would notice.

Those awful policies that were formerly considered to be ‘communism by stealth’ quickly became National Party policy as it shuffled further to the left.  Pity the Labour party languishing on 20+% of popular support – their traditional support base now happy to vote National in the knowledge that they do socialism more efficiently than Labour, perhaps.

The vacuum on the right has not yet been filled, with ACT making a last attempt at restoring some credibility, and the Conservative Party slowly inching up beyond the margin of error.  New Zealand First, seems likely to make the 5% MMP threshold again, for better or worse.

Most of the action appears to be happening on the far left, with the Mana-Internet party looking at securing seats at the election, introducing two or three hard core Marxists into New Zealand’s parliament should provide some colour, albeit hopefully in opposition.

TVNZ has introduced an on-line voting tool that questions voters around their preferences, and then shows which party best represents their views.  Sounds great in theory, but so much depends upon the questions.  I watched one elderly woman on the news tonight taking the survey, when asked ‘should more money be spent on the Department of Conservation’ she said something like ‘oh yes, I think they do a wonderful job and should get more money’.

Had the question been, ‘should more money be spent on the Department of Conservation instead of on the old age pension’ I wonder if she would have been quite so enthusiastic?

It would be tempting to despair at times.  The level of economic literacy amongst the general population is appalling.  Political investigation on Television is so frustratingly superficial that it is an insult to people of average intelligence.

It might be useful, for example, by way of context to have someone in authority say that there are no simple answers to the complex questions of life.  If there were, we would have solved these problems long ago.

No political party is going to solve the bigger social problems we face, domestic violence, child abuse, educational underachievement, family breakdown, inequality, substance abuse, and criminality.

In a highly redistributive society like New Zealand, these problems are without political solutions.

Yes, there can be some tweaking, minor adjustments here, reallocations there, but it’s all window dressing.  If these problems had political solutions, they would have been implemented long ago and we wouldn’t be facing the appalling downward trends in most of these social indicators.

The risk to New Zealand presented by parties on the left is an unquestioning faith in their ability to create the Kingdom of God here on earth by squeezing more money out of the taxpayer.

National seems more fiscally responsible, but equally unwilling to address some of the deep structural issues in relation to tax reform, entitlement welfare, education reform, the size of Government and the increasing bureaucratization of our culture. 

I have said before that it is easier to make slaves out of free people, than it is to make free people out of slaves.  This problem is at the core of our risk averse, ‘socialization of everything’, culture.  Increasingly, it would appear that New Zealanders would prefer the ‘safety of bondage’ to the socialist State, even if it means being reduced to a diet of leaks and onions, than to risk striking out on their own in the hope of obtaining steak and chips with a good helping of liberty on the side.

The majority of the population have become slaves to the State’s largesse, from the poor on welfare at one end of the spectrum, to those with newborn children or young families in the middle, to the elderly at the other end.

The net result is that there are only a comparative handful of people in New Zealand who are not on some form of direct Government financial assistance.  Weaning people off this level of dependency is not something that can be achieved politically, short of a national disaster, until it becomes a national disaster.

In saying this, I don’t blame individuals or families for accepting Government handouts, if you have paid tax in your lifetime it’s easy to feel justified in taking the money.  My point is that it is difficult to avoid the corrupting influence that ‘welfare across the board’ has on an individual’s political objectivity.

Once extended, the financial largesse can never be retracted without political fallout, and which political leader is putting their hand up for that?  No one at this election that I can see, in fact quite the opposite is happening.

As our culture has moved from the historical virtues of 'thrift and prudence' to the more tenuous attitude of 'borrow and spend', the pressure upon politicians to support us in our lifestyle at someone else's expense has become unrelenting.

We can kick the debt can down the road for just so long before we run out of time or the lenders patience.  The only question that remains is which will happen first.

Shocking news for Tony Abbott

The video below is an edited version of a documentary provided by SBS, an Australian public broadcasting service.  It contains interviews both with local Australian supporters of ISIS and other Australian supporters (via Skype) located in Syria and Turkey.

It is notable for several reasons, first the interviewer’s lack of understanding of Islam, her inability to drill down into what ISIS supporters mean when they talk about ‘justice’ being unable to impose anything other than her own liberal understanding over their narrative.  This is a problem for all of us steeped in western culture.  We interpret Islam through a filter of our own values, and fail to connect with the significance of what many Muslims are actually saying.

Second, the passion the Muslims interviewed had for the Islamic State, seeing it as a legitimate fulfillment of Muslim aspirations.  Their complete indifference to the bloodshed and persecution of Christians and other minorities in order to achieve its establishment.

The inability or unwillingness of Australian ISIS supporters to identify with ‘Australian values’.  None of this is particularly unexpected, but to have it broadcast on national television is new, and will come as something of a shock to Tony Abbott who said:  

“The last thing I want to see is anything that suggests there is some incompatibility between cultures and civilizations.

In that case, I suggest he avoids watching the program.

Update:  The teenager seen interviewed in this program wearing the ISIS flags has just been arrested for reported 'religious attack' against a cleaner at a Sydney shopping mall.

Hat tip: gatesofvienna

Sunday, 17 August 2014

What a difference a day makes.

I have been reflecting on the advance of the Islamic State in northern Iraq, the forced conversions, the genocide of Christian and Yazidi people, and the confused response of Western leaders to this supposedly new ‘clash of civilizations’.  Even the Anglican Church in Britain has managed to rouse itself from its celebration of gay marriage to express concern over the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East to David Cameron who, writing in The Sunday Telegraph today, warned of a terrorist caliphate on the shores of the Mediterranean if Islamic State succeeds.

“The West is embroiled in a generational struggle against a poisonous brand of Islamic extremism that will bring terror to the streets of Britain unless urgent action is taken to defeat it, David Cameron warns today.”

I’m not sure what David Cameron means when he engages future tense by saying that the followers of Islam ‘will bring terror to the streets of Britain’.  Where was he when the followers of Islam bombed the London subways in 7/7, or when Drummer Rigby was slaughtered on the streets of London by a Muslim quoting the Quran and shouting Alu Akbar?

David Cameron’s amnesia is a reflection of western cultural amnesia when it comes to the barbaric horror that is Islam.  Listening to our media and to our politicians one could be forgiven for thinking that the atrocities of ISIS in northern Iraq and Syria are an historically new phenomena, when in fact it is merely ‘Islam as usual’.  We need look no further back in history than the 20th century to find an equivalent taking place in Armenia, where upward of 1,500,000 Christian Armenians were killed by Turkish Muslims through forced deportations and massacres. 

First they disarmed the Armenians on a pretext, and then proceeded with the genocide.  There was the usual slaughter of the men, the capture and rape of women and young girls, the enslavement and forced conversion of male children, everything we have come to expect from the ‘Islamic State’ today in Iraq.

The difference between today, and 100 years ago is that during the last century the barbarians were confined to Turkey and the Middle East, today they are occupying the suburbs of London and all of the major cities of Europe.

According to the Spectator, there is a phrase used by jihadists: 
‘First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.’ Well there’s a fine example of this on display at the moment in East London. Even the Guardian has picked up on it.
“At the entrance to a council estate near Canary Wharf, amid the banners of the hilariously misnamed ‘Stop the War coalition’ (‘End the Siege on Gaza’) the Black flag of Jihad is flying. Yes, that’s right, at a major council estate in the East End of London the black flag of ISIS is flying.”

Likewise in The Hague, the black flag of ISIS is also flying, with demonstrators shouting ‘death to the Jews’; that is the ‘Saturday people’ if you needed further explanation.

So, when David Cameron’s RAF eventually run sorties against ISIS in Iraq, will they be returning to strafe ISIS in East London, and The Hague?

The ideology of multiculturalism that has been imposed upon the west by our political elite will eventually unravel.  The barbarism of ISIS and the undeniable support that it has amongst sections of the Muslim population in Western cities demonstrates only too clearly the incompatibility of Islam and western civilization. 

With the single exception of Israel, there are no Saturday people to speak of remaining in the Middle East, and the last of the Sunday people are being exterminated on our watch, all at the hands of the Friday people.

What a difference a day makes. 

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Secular rationalism meets Islam

Christians are often berated for being irrational, occupying the same intellectual space as ‘flat earthers’ and those who believe in the tooth fairy.  We are told that it is only the liberal secular mind that is able to impartially view the world and describe events as they really are, without filters and without bias.

How disturbing it must be therefore, for the ‘rational mind’ to witness events unfolding with ISIS in Iraq, and to learn that not all history is progressive, that a new form of regressive barbarism is engulfing humanity in the form of 7th century Islam revisited.  A seven-year-old Australian child holds up the severed head of a Muslim apostate, while his father tweets the image approvingly around the world.

That’s really upping the anti on social media.

Meanwhile thousands of Christians and animists flee their towns and villages to avoid beheading, crucifixion and mass murder at the hands of these Muslims.  Preferring starvation and dehydration in the 50-degree heat of the mountains than certain death at home, they trek upwards as a disbelieving world looks on.

Is no politician willing to stand up and channel David Cameron to remind us that these acts of barbarism ‘have nothing to do with Islam’, or have we had too much decapitation, too much crucifixion, too much bloodshed for such a statement to have any credibility?

The statement had no credibility when he made it following Drummer Rigby’s murder on the streets of London at the hands of a young head hacking, Koran quoting Muslim, just as it would have no credibility now.

But what’s with the beheading? 

We remember with horror our introduction to this practice with the on-line beheading of Journalist Daniel Pearl back in 2002.  Being both an American and a Jew, he had no chance of surviving his capture by the followers of Islam.   Since that time, we have had a steady diet of these atrocities reported on our televisions and our newspapers, and we had almost grown accustomed to it, until the recent round of exceptional barbarism and religious genocide displayed by ISIS.

There are not a lot of verses in the Koran that support this methodology for killing infidels and apostates, but perhaps this is one of the most well known:

Sura 008.012 
Remember thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): “I am with you: give firmness to the Believers: I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers: smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger-tips off them.”

Apparently smiting ‘all of their fingertips’ is an option if you have the time and inclination. However, most self-respecting jihadists today believe that it’s better by far to get the twitter feed running.

Christians understand the theological motivation behind Islam, not because they embrace the killing of infidels, well, at least not for the last five hundred years, but rather because they are also a people animated by Scripture.  We understand the power of the written text, and the inspiration taken from it by the followers of religion.

The hard reality for the rationalist to digest is that ISIS has sufficient theological justification from the religious texts of Islam to support its actions.  All Muslims know this, which is why you are not seeing a theological refutation of ISIS from Imam’s around the world. Yes, they may publically deplore the killings but not on theological grounds, rather on the basis of appearance.  It’s just not that great for public relations. 

Islam is a ‘broad Mosque’, it supports acts of generosity and charity along with fasting at Ramadan, and the killing of apostates and infidels at any time.  It is a seamless unity that encompasses all of life, and death.

As westerners, we have grown up having our behavioral norms and expectations formed by our Judeo Christian cultural background.  It is almost impossible therefore, for us to accept that extreme violence could form part of a mainstream religious narrative, yet in Islam it does.

Perhaps the words of Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh best summarize the difference we are facing between Islam and the west when he said: "We love death like our enemies love life.”  We find this a shocking statement, almost impossible to believe; yet for many Muslims, this is a self-evident truth.

If the bloody impact of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria continues for much longer, then I suspect the dissonance will become so great that the general public will no longer be able to sustain the myth that Islam is just another peaceful mainstream religion that just happens to have tens of thousands of followers who have gone troppo (Australian slang for crazy) and lost the plot.

Reality, like gravity is a force that can only be resisted for so long.  Our media have done their best, as have our politicians to hide the truth about Islam, however ISIS and their ilk are like sisters ‘doing it for themselves’, using social media to explain their narrative directly to all who will listen and observe.  Judging by the number of Muslims who are streaming in to support the new Islamic State, their message of Islamic purity and political supremacy resonates with Muslim youth around the world.

Events post 9/11 have taught us that that it is simply not possible to defeat ideology with military technology.  If it were, then the so-called ‘war on terror’ would have been won a decade ago.  As long as sufficient Muslims around the world love death more than we love life, then we in the west are in need of a different strategy.

While our political leaders are at the point of agreeing that the military option has failed; we appear to be floundering with the question of ‘where to from here’? 

All of the remaining options appear to be discriminatory against local Muslims, be they increased ‘anti-terror’ legislation, religious profiling, restrictions on immigration, banning of new mosque construction, denying permits for Islamic schools, deportation for families whose members support acts of terrorism – all these options exist and may eventually be necessary, but they first of all require that we understand and admit to ourselves the true nature of Islam.  What politician today is able to channel Winston Churchill and honestly explain to the electorate the ideological and civilization battle in which we find ourselves?

At a time of resurgent Islam when the west is most in need of strong political leadership, we have elected David Cameron and Barrack Obama.

An unguarded moment

In an unprecedented move, the Israelis have begun to destroy Islamic mosques in Gaza.  Apparently up to 63 of the reported 3,000 mosques in Gaza have been reduced to rubble.
Historically Israel has carefully avoided bombing mosques because of the negative impression destroying ‘houses of worship’ have on the world stage.  So what’s changed this time?

''They want to undermine our faith and resolve, which are the foundations of jihad,''
said Yahya Abu Siyam, a bearded primary school teacher, as he sat with other worshippers inside the ruins of the Farouq Mosque in the southern town of Rafah, targeted in a July 22 airstrike that also damaged several homes. 
Standing atop the ruins of the Al-Qassam Mosque in the Nuseirat Refugee Camp, Abu Bilal Darwish, the director of Islamic Endowments for central Gaza, echoed the same argument. 
''This is aggression against Islam,'' he declared. ''The occupiers realise that our mosques raise men and people who desire martyrdom for the sake of God.'' 
Of the mosques visited by the AP, Al-Qassam stood out as the most suspicious given that three senior Hamas officials perished in the pre-dawn airstrike Saturday and judging by the heavy security presence in the aftermath of the attack. Underlining the tension, an AP reporter was briefly detained by plainclothes Hamas security men after he took down the names of two religious books recovered from the rubble. 

The towering Hamza Ibn Abdul-Mutaleb Mosque in Gaza City's Love Hill district was a NZ$1.2 million project, two years in the making and just weeks from completion, funded by the son of a wealthy Palestinian businessman who passed away without realising his lifelong dream of building a mosque in his native land. 
''To us, the mosque was a newborn baby that we all looked after,'' said Kamal Salim, who sat on a committee that oversaw its construction. ''With the blockade of Gaza, we struggled to find building material and the donor hired guards to stop anyone from attempting to use the building for purposes other than worship.'' 


In an unguarded moment, local Muslims in Gaza admitted that their Mosques ‘raise men and people who desire martyrdom for the sake of God’ and that these buildings are the ‘foundations of jihad’.

Furthermore, a new Mosque funded by a ‘wealthy Palestinian business’ man (excuse me are they not all impoverished refugees?) ‘hired guards to stop anyone from attempting to use the building for purposes other than worship’.

What purposes could they possibly be?  Storing weapon caches, the launching of rockets against Israel, digging tunnels into Israel, training jihadists perhaps? 

Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan Prime Minister of Turkey has stated: "The Mosques are our barracks, domes our helmets, minarets our bayonets, believers our soldiers.”

We know that the mosques are considered to be barracks for the soldiers of Islam in Turkey and Gaza, so what makes the mosques of Sydney or Auckland any different?  

I’m not suggesting there are weapons or rocket launchers in the Sydney mosques, but the same ideology that considers mosques to be barracks for the soldiers of Islam is taught in all mosques all around the world, including those in western countries.

In response to my ‘100 year war with Islam’ post earlier this week, one commentator observed:

“There is no such thing as Moderate Islam and Radical Islam or Muslims. Islam is Islam.

These terms are terms invented by Western Media and it shocks me that people use it willy nilly! It is funny how this term is solely reserved to Muslims!

 When you say the Radicals are shaping Islam for everyone. I beg to differ with you on that, Islam doesn't need anyone to redefine it.

Islam is Islam it doesn't need to be reshaped by anyone.”

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

There is no incompatibility between cultures and civilizations. - Tony Abbott

It was to be expected that there would be a reaction from the Muslim community in Australia to the comments made by General Leahy regarding the need to engage in a ‘100 year war with Islam’.

The Australian provides the details, a selection of comments follows:

Islamic Council of Victoria secretary Ghaith Krayem said:

Professor Leahy’s “ludicrous” statements were “grossly negligent” and raised the risk of right-wing extremism bubbling over.

Indeed, those ‘right wing extremists’ are a real threat to peace and security in Australia and no doubt the reason why Tony Abbott wants to strengthen the anti-terrorism legislation.

Former Islamic Council of Victoria president Yasser Soliman said:

Professor Leahy’s comments were “what you would expect to see from someone who sees the world in terms of war and ­conflict”.

When in reality, there is none to be seen?

Islamic Friendship Association spokesman Keysar Trad said:

Professor Leahy’s comments were inflammatory and counter­productive. “The only thing that would stir such a statement would be a profound misunderstanding of the religion of Islam ... Historically we have succeeded in weeding out our radicals,” he said.

If the radicals are ‘weeded out’ why are hundreds if not thousands of Muslims traveling from Europe, Britain, Australia and New Zealand to fight holy jihad in the Middle East?

Have those Muslims misunderstood Islam too?

Melbourne Islamic community leader Sheik Muhammad Abdul Wahid said:

“While the Muslim community supported law enforcement efforts against terrorism, the fate of the Palestinians and the conflict throughout the Middle East was aiding the recruitment strategies of extremists.”

To be clear, the conflict presently raging in the Middle East including Syria, Iraq, and Palestine is the fault of whom exactly?  The Sydney Anglican diocese?   No wait, it will be the Jews of Syria that have set Muslim against Muslim, or the Jews of Iraq that have set Muslim against Muslim, or the Jews of Israel who are responsible for every human injustice on the planet.

But the most absurd comment of the day comes from Tony Abbot himself, when he said:

“The last thing I want to see is anything that suggests there is some incompatibility between cultures and civilizations.

If this comment was just for public consumption and Tony Abbott actually believes something else, then that’s bad enough, but if he truly believes that there is, and never has been any ‘incompatibility between cultures and civilizations’ then he is unfit to hold public office.

Why does Australia have Armed Forces if there is no ‘incompatibility between cultures and civilizations’?

It is a hard call to make, but either we face up to the reality of Islam now, or we end up like Europe and the UK whose cultures are gradually being subsumed, and whose towns and communities are becoming repositories of imported Middle Eastern hatred.