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“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” Benjamin Franklin

Monday, 3 August 2015

A premature obituary for Bob Jones.

This evening I watched a local TV station showing a program called “The Beat goes on”.  The special guest was New Zealand personality, politician, entrepreneur, and expert on all matters serious and trivial - Bob Jones.

Bob has become frail.  At one point during the interview and in the midst of an eloquent flow, he was struggling to find a word and sought help from the show’s host.  Bob Jones asking for help – unthinkable.

In newsrooms around the country they will have prepared obituaries for Bob.  When that moment comes they will dutifully open the box and produce the dry typed lines that were rehearsed months, if not years earlier. 

Bob is your archetypical self made man, a multimillionaire many times over, successful in business, but less so in personal relationships; a characteristic not unique to Bob or those like him.  Intelligent, irreverent, humorous with a deep sense of the ironic and the absurd, a likable rogue.

Despite the fact he has no time for the transcendent, the Christian faith or any faith I like Bob. Like all of us, he is a deeply flawed human being, but with a gift.  He has the ability to recognise the over regulated absurdity of the socialist state in which we all now live, and make fun of it at every turn.   He was recently thrown off an Air New Zealand flight for not paying sufficient attention to the safety instructions that precede every take off, despite the fact he has probably flown more air miles than some of Air New Zealand’s most experienced pilots and cabin crew.  They had to make an example of him, because if they didn’t the rebellion might spread, and before you know it, unaccompanied children would be ignoring the cabin crew and demanding the end of flight sweets early.

This evening, he exacted a good deal of revenge on Air New Zealand, not the least by displaying his own private jet and his joy at bypassing their State sponsored bureaucracy.

One of my most enjoyable times listening to Bob came as we were driving back to Christchurch from Golden bay one Sunday morning.  We were about to climb the Takaka hill (mountain to those of you who life outside of New Zealand) and tuned into the National Program. It was being hosted by Chris Laidlaw, former Rhodes Scholar, All Black halfback, Ambassador and MP.  Chris, with his impeccable credentials, is someone who had played the game by the rules to the letter, and ended up as an Interviewer on National Radio as his reward. 

He was never going to be any match for Bob Jones whom he then proceeded to interview over the next hour.  The program that followed was an absolute gem, vintage Bob Jones, irascible, erudite, irreverent and just plain good fun.  You can listen to it at the link below. I encourage you to grab a coffee and enjoy the occasion. 

Bob got stuck into Chris from his opening introduction, and went on to entertain us for the best part of the following hour.  Enough time to have us laughing and enjoying the first stage of a long drive home.

Bob, go well - you will be missed. 

A quest for context.

One of my criticisms of Television news is its predilection for reporting events without context.  Bomb blasts in some African city, Migrants crowding a tunnel in Calais, an arrest for child abuse, a protest march, and endless political enquiries. Consequently it promotes the idea that life consists of little more than a series of random disconnected events, effects without apparent causation. 

You could argue that someone who regularly watches television news has already surrendered to passivity, and indeed life is something that happens around them.  Their sphere of control reduced to the TV remote. 

However, context is the foundation for meaning. We cannot hope to understand the events of the past, or the world in which we presently live, without framing them within their historical and cultural setting. 

In a world absent of context, the absurd and appropriate are treated alike.  We major on minors, make mountains out of molehills and inevitably draw the wrong conclusions, if we bother to draw them at all.

We cannot lay all of the blame at the feet of television, an entertainment media that has reduced our ability to concentrate down to 15 second sound bites, but its influence is pervasive.

It is part of the reason we now think it normal that Pope’s lecture on climate science, Atheists opine about God, and Politicians teach us about Islam.  Is it any wonder we struggle for perspective?

In the Telegraph today Charles Moore reflects on our struggle with this statement:

“If an American dentist called Cecil had been killed by a lion, few outside his family would have fussed. Some might even have laughed heartlessly. When a lion called Cecil is killed by an American dentist, half the world goes mad with rage and grief. Does this speak well or ill for the human race?”

The Guardian today reports the Church of England’s criticism of David Cameron for ‘lack of compassion’ over the Calais migrant crisis, and for “propagating a “toxicity” designed to spread antipathy towards migrants.”

The Church of England often reminds me of a Turkey calling for an early Christmas.  They are correct to remind us of the need to treat people with compassion, however, for the sake of context, don’t they also have a responsibility to promote the Christian faith in England, and think about the impact on employment and culture that results from thousands of Muslim immigrants entering the country illegally?  

But it’s not just the Church of England that appears to harbour a death wish. The British Government is providing free hotel accommodation, three cooked meals a day and 35 pounds in cash a week for all illegal migrants who make it past the French police and enter Britain through the Calais tunnel.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, “Muhammad said: “Coming to England is like being reborn. I have a new life now. The hotel is nice and comfortable. We feel safe here. The country is beautiful and food is good.”

No doubt this is great for Muhammad, whether his entrance and that of other illegal immigrants bodes well for England’s future is questionable.

To illustrate the point, and on a somewhat lighter note:

A British Navy Destroyer stops four Muslims in a rowboat on the South Coast of Britain.  The Captain gets on the loud hailer and shouts, “Ahoy, small craft, where are you heading?”

One of the Muslims stands up and shouts, “We are invading England!”

The crew of the Destroyer all starts laughing and when the Captain finally stops laughing he gets back on the loud hailer and says, “Just the four of you”?

The Muslim stands up again and shouts, “No, we’re the last four.  The other six million are already there!”

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Picking and choosing from the hawkers of lust

We wander down the dusty secular highway, picking and choosing once forbidden desires from the hawkers of lust, their hastily erected stalls littering the roadside.  Just ahead, the tolerance police are beating the few remaining bastions of bigotry with their batons; a small crowd gathered cheering them on, trampled placards beneath their feet. 

A busker is heard in the distance..

“Desire is King baby, Desire is King
   Man is the measure of everything.”

Stepping over blood pooling in the dust we order kebabs from a state approved “Diversity makes us stronger” vendor.  These days you never know who’s watching. 

Since Parliament passed the UN Sponsored ‘Equality and Fairness for All’ legislation there are diversity quotas to keep.  Fortunately there’s an app for that, and besides, levels of compliance are detailed on your visa statement.  You don’t want to miss out on those reward points, or be identified for re-training.

The Kebabs arrive – fortunately they are good, perhaps we can all go home soon. 

Saturday, 1 August 2015

The spotlight is turning homeward.

Readers of this blog over the last three years will appreciate that amongst other things, I have sought to expose both the existential and practical risks that the religion of Islam, and Muslim immigration presents to the people who inhabit what remains of western civilisation.

During this time there has been a considerable shift in public opinion, and particularly amongst the left who are largely the gatekeepers of mainstream media.  Previously, they would have pilloried anyone who suggested that Islam was not a religion of peace, and they refused to publish reader comments that ran contrary to the politically correct narrative. 

However, the bloody events of recent years along with the emergence of the Islamic State have forced an undeniable, and previously unspeakable reality upon them. Atrocities inspired by Islam, its scriptures and the example of its prophet have begun to seep into the public consciousness making an indelible impression.  The media has been forced to acknowledge, albeit sometimes less clearly than I would like, a link between the atrocities carried out in the name of Islam, and the religion of Islam itself. 

Despite the duplicitous and regular proclamations of our political class, Islam is not and never has been a religion of peace, particularly when its followers take their scriptures and the example of their prophet seriously.

To put this into context however, Islam wouldn’t be the problem that is today if we hadn’t squandered those attributes that helped create what we once called ‘western civilization’.  Or stated another way, Islam is not really the problem; we are the problem. 

Why is it, for example, that after the Charlie Hebdo atrocity, we ‘learned the wrong lessons’?

According to author Salmon Rushdie, “It seems we learned the wrong lessons. Instead of concluding we need to oppose these attacks on freedom of expression, we believed we should calm them through compromises and ceding.

The “politically correct” positions voiced by some — including a few prominent authors who disagreed with Charlie Hebdo receiving a freedom of speech award at a PEN literary gala in New York in May — were motivated by fear, Rushdie said.

– ‘Fear disguised as respect’ –

“If people weren’t being killed right now, if bombs and Kalashnikovs weren’t speaking today, the debate would be very different. Fear is being disguised as respect,”

As many readers will know, the new editor of Charlie Hebdo has recently stated publically that the satirical magazine will no longer publish Mohammad cartoons.  Perhaps if the mainstream media like the New York Times and others had stood with them from the beginning it might have been different. 

Why did we allow cowardice to triumph in the face of aggression?

In an excellent review of David Cameron’s recent speech about defeating ‘radical’ Islam in Britain Theodore Dalrymple reflects:

“The price of power, it seems, is being obliged to say what you know not to be true and not to say what you know to be true. Such is the lesson of Cameron’s speech, by no means the worst of its genre.”

Why are politicians eager to sacrifice truth at the alter of Islam?

Author and commentator Mark Steyn, when considering the western atrocity that is Planned Parenthood remarks:

“The shallow, self-reflecting pool in which today's generation has been raised is without precedent in the history of the English-speaking world. The scale of solipsistic compliant ignorance is totalitarian - and terrifying, in that it will inevitably be exploited for catastrophic and evil ends.”

Why has narcissism triumphed over virtue in the west?

At the risk of stating the obvious, those of us living in the west cannot fix Islam.  That is a challenge for the Imam’s of the Muslim world should they be bothered, or share the minority view of President Sisi of Egypt, that Islam needs fixing.  What we can do however is strengthen that which remains of western civilization, challenge the presuppositions that have lead to its decline, and work locally for transformation in our extended families and communities.

I will still post on Islam from time to time, but I’m signaling a change of emphasis moving forward.  The spotlight is turning homeward, towards those things in our own back yard that should be celebrated and strengthened, challenged or removed. 

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Taking in the sights and culture of Malmo, Sweden's third largest city.

The Sweedish have a reputation for stunning scenery, and making beautiful things - Volvo cars being amongst them.

In recent years, they have been some of the most generous when it comes to opening their doors to immigrants fleeing conflict and economic hardship in North Africa. Malmo is the third largest city in Sweden with a population of over 600,000.  Wikipedia states that in 2011 there were 174 nationalities and over 150 languages spoken in Malmo.

However, unsurprisingly not all has been sweetness and light in Sweden's multicultural paradise. RT reports:

On Sunday, the southern city of Malmo saw the fourth grenade attack in under a week as the a hand grenade was detonated in a car park in the district of Värnhem in the morning, local media reported.

The attack came after a blast on Friday in the Solbacken neighborhood, which occurred less than 12 hours after another explosion in the residential area of Limhamn in the west, and two days after a car bomb attack that injured a man outside a community center in the south.

“It is the thirtieth explosive attack since the New Year. We have a situation that is serious,” said the Malmö police chief, Stefan Sintéus, about the explosion on Friday, as quoted by the Local.se on Saturday.

The local police have called for expert help from the national police operational department. “We have asked for shared expertise on various issues,” said Lars Förstell, a spokesperson for the city’s police, as quoted by the media.

This week’s unrest continues a series of numerous shootings, explosions and arsons that have occurred since the beginning of the year in Malmo, infamous for high crime rates, multi-ethnic and gang-related violence.

Since the beginning of 2015, 18 explosions rocked the city prompting the Swedish police's national bomb squad (NSB) to be called in. Over the whole 2014 a total of 25 explosions took place, which shows a significant increase, Goran Mansson, head of NSB Malmo, told regional newspaper Sydsvenskan on Friday.

Police said they believe this week’s explosions are linked with the court sentencing of three young men on July 10 for their roles in the Christmas Eve bombing in Rosengard – the city district which has been dubbed by media as Sweden’s “most notorious refugee ghetto.” The Financial Times reported that nine out of 10 in Rosengard have a foreign background.


What is unspoken in the RT article is the religious identity of the immigrant community living in Malmo.  The Gatestone Institute has a well-researched article on the religious demographic and cultural impact of immigration in Sweden. 

Sweden is just one of many European nations whose politicians have embraced an ideology that has resulted in the relentless destruction of a thousand years of culture and social capital.  Like a thin layer of topsoil Sweden's culture in Malmo is being stripped bare through Muslim immigration.

The manufacture of hand grenades has displaced the production of handcrafted watches. Gang culture has displaced the mutual interdependence of historical communities, and the culture of Islam is the over riding narrative animating the immigrant population.

How many of Malmo’s citizens voted for this?

Western governments the world over cannot be trusted on the issue of immigration, nowhere is this more obvious than in Britain and Europe.  Their secular nature has made them ‘blind’ to religious difference.  Their shallow understanding of history has allowed them to ignore 1,400 years of Islamic violence and expansion throughout the world.

They are shocked at the rise of ISIS, and yet this is a recurring manifestation of a triumphalist and militant Islam that has plagued western nations, particularly in Europe, since 711 AD.

What we are seeing today in the Middle East and also in the West is a continuation of an old war that has been in recess since the collapse of the Ottoman Empire almost 100 years ago.  It is a war being waged by a newly confident and resurgent Islam.

If Malmo were the only lost beachhead, and we understood the implications for the rest of Europe, then there might be hope, but unbelievably our politicians refuse to accept the obvious.  They appear to   believe that Western Governments can lead Islam into a peaceful reformation, something that it has never experienced in 1,400 years of existence, and is showing no signs of embracing today.

Thankfully, I don’t live in Malmo, London’s Tower Hamlets, Birmingham, Luton or any one of France’s hundreds of ‘no-go’ areas, just to name a few places that have undergone Islamic cultural transformation.

However, for many people they have few choices about where to live. Living in a city that has experienced more than 11,000 earthquakes in four years, three of them very destructive, one of them deadly and killing almost 200 people, I know how difficult it is to move away.

I’m trying to think how I would feel if my political representatives turned my city into a Malmo.  No consultation, no recourse, no possibility of rolling back the tide of immigrants that turn my hometown into a violent hellhole reminiscent of the one these immigrants left behind.

It seems unimaginable, and yet it is happening right now in Britain and Europe as we look on in wonder.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Even Goebbels would have been embarrassed.

A few days back I listed a handful of examples that demonstrates very clearly how the west is losing the war against radical Islam.  However, the list of examples is long, and we keep adding to it.  Just ponder for a moment these recent comments from the Director of Homeland Security in the USA.

After a Muslim terrorist gunned down unarmed Marines in Tennessee, Homeland Security chief Jeh Johnson refuses to call Islamic terror "Islamic," arguing it's "critical" to refrain from the label in order to "build trust" among Muslims.

In jaw-dropping remarks Friday at Aspen Institute's annual security forum, Johnson said the government will call such attacks "violent extremism" over "Islamic terrorism" out of respect for the Muslim community.

The policy explains why the U.S. prosecutor and lead FBI investigator in the Chattanooga case still insist on calling Mohammad Abdulazeez a "homegrown violent extremist," though he blogged about his religious motivations for the attack, and he and his family attended a local mosque controlled by a terror-tied Islamic trust.

Johnson says that dismissing the religious dimension of the widening homegrown Islamic terror threat is part of a strategy to gain the "cooperation" of the Muslim community. He says that if officials called Islamic terrorism "Islamic," they'd "get nowhere."

Even the moderator was dumbfounded: "Isn't government denying the fundamental religious component of this kind of extremism by not using the word Islamic?" "I could not disagree more," Johnson retorted, arguing that Islam "is about peace."


The scale of this lie is such that even WWII German propagandist Goebbels would have blushed.  We cannot defeat what we will not name. We cannot re-imagine Islam for Muslims.  Denial is not a strategy for winning.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Spare a thought for the citizens of Dresden

Dresden Germany has a population of 500,000.  It was the target of bombing towards the end of WWII that killed approximately 25,000 residents and destroyed the entire city centre.  Since then it has largely been reconstructed.

Most recently it has been the centre of anti-Islamic feeling with regular Monday evening marches by a group called PEGIDA ‘Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West’ that has attracted up to 25,000 people.  Clearly you don’t get these numbers marching in the streets on a Monday evening without cause.  There is a significant proportion of the German population that has become very concerned with the impact mass Muslim immigration is having upon their towns and cities.

PEGIDA has been a source of irritation to Chancellor Angela Merkel who has made it abundantly clear that her sympathies lie with the Muslims, and not with the protestors.

Breibart.com reports events as they unfolded in Dresden on Thursday.

Government employees stood by the entrance of a city park in Dresden, Saxony on Thursday night handing out fliers to passers-by informing them the next day the green space, which lies a short walk behind the city’s famous Semper Opera house was to be transformed into a ‘tent city’. In reality, a Breitbart source in the city said, the first most people knew about the plan was when a convoy of lorries and construction equipment rolled in to begin work hours later.

Bulldozers worked throughout the night to clear away grass and to pull up trees to make the park ready to receive the large white marquees provided by the German Red Cross to house some 1,100 refugees. That was the number, at least, that residents were given when the plans were announced. Within hours of the first migrants arriving on Saturday, the number the city-centre camp was expected to house had already been uprated to 2,000.

At the same time the gender and age makeup of the camp was announced, giving an interesting insight into the nature of ‘refugees’ to Europe and who they leave behind. Of those living in the tent city, 79.3-per-cent are men, 12.4-per-cent are women, and 8.3-per-cent are children.

A Dresden eyewitness told Breitbart the migrants had wasted absolutely no time in establishing themselves as black-market businessmen in the hitherto low-crime city. He said he had already been approached in the street by freshly arrived migrants offering to sell him drugs.

The zero-notice creation of migrant camps is now a common feature in certain parts of Europe, as governments have learnt giving notice and allowing locals chance to engage in the consultation process gives them time to organise and oppose. After all, where plans are made known in advance and the authorities take time making careful preparations for the arrival of immigrants, the buildings earmarked for them have a frustrating habit of mysteriously burning down.

In the first half of 2015 there have been 202 such attacks on refugee centers across Germany, more already than the whole of 2014, and six times as many as the whole of 2013, reports German paper Mopo24.

There is a humanitarian crisis in Africa that is now spilling over into Europe.  We in the west need to have a compassionate response, however it is highly questionable that a refuge resettlement program of the scale presently happening in Europe is in the best interests of either the local residents, or their uninvited immigrant communities.

Absent Islam, it would still be a problem.  However, as the vast majority of immigrants are Muslim, it becomes somewhat more problematic.  As the Islamic ‘militants’ regularly remind us “we love death and you love life” which is their way of saying there is nothing we can do to defeat them because unlike citizens living in the secular west, they welcome death.  However, given the irrational levels of Muslim immigration into Europe, I’m beginning to wonder if their political elite has been drinking the same Kool aid as the militants.

Spare a thought for the citizens of Dresden, and others like them throughout Europe who are presently going through an immigration invasion that they are powerless to control. 

There are lessons here for all of us.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Franklin Graham commits cardinal sin.

Following the killing of five USA servicemen in Chattanooga by a local Muslim immigrant to America, Franklin Graham, the son of famed preacher Billy Graham committed a cardinal sin.  He suggested publically that Muslims should be banned from immigrating to the USA.

“Every Muslim that comes into this country has the potential to be radicalized — and they do their killing to honor their religion and Muhammad. During World War 2, we didn’t allow Japanese to immigrate to America, nor did we allow Germans. Why are we allowing Muslims now? Do you agree? Let your Congressman know that we’ve got to put a stop to this and close the flood gates. Pray for the men and women who serve this nation in uniform, that God would protect them,” Mr. Graham said.

Seventy years ago, at the start of WWII if his Father had made similar comments aimed at Germans and Japanese it would have been considered part of the mainstream narrative.  Not so today. 


Back then we were less squeamish about discriminating against those who wanted to kill us.  It was true that not all Germans or Japanese wanted to kill Americans and their allies, but no attempt was made to sort the moderates from the radicals back then, if you belonged to the demographic labeled ‘the enemy’ then you were interned for the duration of the war.

Such actions today offend the liberal sensibilities for several reasons. First, we in the west have embraced the ideology of multiculturalism.  This is an ideology that states all cultures beliefs and practices are equal, and therefore equally valid.  To discriminate on the basis of culture, including religion is therefore something only a bigot would do. Presumably this remains true even if the adherents to a particular religion believe it is their responsibility before God to kill you. 

Better to be dead than accused of bigotry by your peers.

Second, we don’t find it easy to condemn the innocent along with the guilty, even if we have no way of telling who is innocent and who is planning to kill us.  This reluctance to paint all Muslims with the same brush is entirely understandable.  We all know many Muslims who are fine people and great citizens.  However many of us, including Franklin Graham have realized that our best attempts to stop radical Muslims at the border have been an abysmal failure, and furthermore, it is often second and third generation children of Muslim immigrants who are radicalized and seek to kill us once they grow up.  There is no way you can detect that by vetting their parents or grandparents.

Better to be dead it seems, than quarantine innocent Muslims along with the guilty.

Political agreement that immigration is good.

Most politicians believe that immigration is good because it adds more consumers and skills to the nation’s social capital, creates consumer demand and generates wealth for everyone.

Consequently, while they are committed screening out those who are known criminals and active terrorists from entering the country, until this time they have not considered someone’s religious faith as being material to their ability to integrate and become productive citizens.

To the secular mind, all religions are essentially the same aren’t they?

And besides, while the first generation may have trouble with the language, and obtaining employment, their children will get a great State education and will bring both skills and diversity to our cultural mix. 

Furthermore, secularism has weakened the influence of Christianity in our culture to the extent that its influence has been entirely driven out of the public square, so won’t the same thing happen to Muslims and to Islam?

So far Islam has proved to be stubbornly resistant to the pull of western decadence and the secular narrative.  Muslims have their own forms of cultural decadence of course, including the pimping and rape of hundreds if not thousands of infidel schoolgirls in Oxford, Birmingham and other high-density Muslim areas in Britain, but I digress.

For Europe whose population is in demographic free fall, Muslims are the children they couldn’t be bothered having.  They need these immigrants to perform the jobs they don’t want to do, to pay taxes and provide the welfare to support them in their aging socialist paradise.

The enforcement of Muslim blasphemy laws, the intimidation, persecution and murder of Jews, the terrorism and the resulting bloodshed are just an unintended consequence that our politicians have calculated we can live with, just like we do the road toll.

Oh sure, they will talk all day about their regret over the ‘senseless killings’, even though they make perfect sense to the Muslim perpetrators, but as for taking meaningful action, that’s not going to happen.


And it won’t happen because the Muslim vote has become a significant factor in many western countries in deciding who is elected and who will be in Government.

Once that happens, and I would suggest it has happened in France, and most likely in Britain just to name two countries where the volume of Muslim immigrants has moved them beyond ‘vulnerable’ status, then there is little politically that can be done to turn back the tide.

Franklin Graham understands this, why should any free nation import a demographic that has a significant minority who are committed to its destruction?  For whom does that make any sense, besides our political elite?

Who of us voted for this outcome?  Was it ever part of a political parties manifesto?

Our fatal misunderstanding of Islam

Immediately following 9/11 the then President George Bush made perhaps the worst statement of his political career.  While condemning the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers, he went on to state that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’.

Sadly this has never been true historically, neither is it true according to their scriptures, nor is it true when you examine the life of their prophet Mohammad.

Consequently we in the west have deliberately invented something called ‘moderate Islam’, a faith that does not exist anywhere in the Islamic world.  Yes there are moderate Muslims etc, but moderate Islam is entirely a western construct. However, this has not prevented politicians like David Cameron and others from engaging in the ultimate absurdity - lecturing Muslims about what true Islam looks like.

For as long as we persist with this misunderstanding, we will always be hoping the moderate will prevail over the radical, and we will always be disappointed.

Franklin Graham’s ‘politically incorrect’ call to cease all Muslim immigration to America is the lonely voice of reason crying in the wilderness.  Our politicians appear determined to cross a river of innocent blood in the hope of making their fantasies about Islam a reality. 

We still have a way to go before this ultimately plays out in the west, but the pace is speeding up, and I sense that the tolerance of the general public for the slaughter of its citizens is diminishing.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

This is what losing looks like.

As each week passes, and the threat of Islamic terrorism on western targets increases rather than diminishes, the level of frustration amongst the general population, not to mention the victim’s families is rising.  The response by western political leaders to the threat of domestic terrorism motivated by Islam is woefully inadequate. 

David Cameron has improved his speech making, but has yet to deliver meaningful actions, Barak Obama still cannot use the word Islam or Islamist and terrorism in the same sentence, and refuses to publically acknowledge the link. 

How can you defeat something you won’t even name?

Right now we are losing this battle primarily because of western leadership’s reluctance to name the root cause of the terrorist attacks (Islam), and to take any meaningful action to restrict immigration from Islamic countries into the west or defund their activites.

You know you are losing when:

Following the shooting and deaths of five US Military servicemen in Chattanooga, Defense Secretary Ash Cater has closed some facilities and told Marine recruiters not to wear their uniforms in public.

British soldiers in London are told by the Ministry of Defense not to wear their uniforms in public.

Canada’s maritime forces have been told not to wear their uniforms in public.

Fire Fighters in NSW Australia have been told to avoid wearing their uniforms or identifying gear while traveling to and from work (in public).

France has permanently deployed 7,000 troops to defend synagogues, tourist sites and other ‘sensitive landmarks’ including Churches.

In Melbourne the Government grants $500,000 to provide ‘blast proofing’ purpose built security wall for a Jewish community centre.

In Sydney the Government grants $500,000 to provide a concrete blast proof security wall for a Jewish school located in Bondi.

The Australian Government allocates 1.0 Billion dollars in its 2015 Budget specifically to combat domestic (Islamic) terrorism.

President Hollande in France announces they will increase their ‘defense’ budget by $4.0 Billion Euro over four years in response to extremist threats following the Jihad attacks in Paris.

Britain, a country that is cutting defense spending, budgets an additional 1.1 Billion pounds to defend against terrorism and cyber attacks.

Despite a decade of Government outreach to the Muslim community more than 25% of ‘British’ Muslims sympathize with the Islamic gunmen who slaughtered 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris, while 10% say the cartoonists ‘deserved to be attacked’.

More than 3,000 European Muslims have traveled to Syria to join the Islamic State’s Jihad.

You definitely know you are losing when the British Prime Minister in a recent speech states that his Government will spend tax payer money funding ‘moderate’ Muslims who are prepared to ‘build an alternative narrative’ from the one articulated by Muslim extremists.

To put this into perspective, the British government is now financially competing with Saudi Arabia to fund the ‘true’ Islamic narrative in Britain. 

That is what losing looks like.