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Friday, 23 November 2012

A new Pharaoh in Egypt

And so the Arab Spring comes into full bloom as President Mohammed Mursi decrees that the president's decisions cannot be revoked by any authority, including the judiciary.

Opposition groups are describing Mursi as the new Pharaoh, and with good cause.  It would seem that Egypt has simply replaced one president for life, with another, the secular with the Islamic, the terrible with the terrorist, well at least that's what the Muslim Brotherhood's offshoot Hamas is deemed to be by the American State Department.

The foolishness of the west is thinking that democracy is the primary building block in a free society.  Actually, no it's the last.  Liberty has to first be birthed in the human heart before it can be expressed in the body politic.  In the Islamic Arab world, it is not individual liberty that is primary, it is Sharea Law, Government under God which is primary.  The will of the people does not feature in that construct.

I was watching the BBC interview live the head of the opposition coalition for Syria recently.  This individual was heading up at least 50 disparate opposition groups, excluding some of the hard core Islamists who were not interested in compromise and protecting the rights of minorities, like Christians for example.  He said to the interviewer something along these lines "well you have to understand the Arab mind, there are historical grievances that have to be avenged, there are vindictive debts that must be 'repaid' its not a simple matter of joining hands together in agreement."  Of course this did not fit with the BBC narrative, and they quickly dropped the interview and cut to another news item.

It's time to admit that we have no idea of the tribal, historical, religious, context of the Arab world, and it's past time for the west to stop backing one side or the other in a never ending struggle for dominance.  America has sought to buy influence in the Arab world with taxpayers money for decades.  It worked with Mubarak and Gaddafi, and the former military president of Pakistan, but they have gone, and a new Islamic fundamentalist regime is in power.

Surely the best thing the west can do, is remove funding, take their hands off the region, stop backing insurgence financially and militaraly, withdraw our troupes, and leave them to sort it out amongst themselves.

That won't change the dynamics of the region, but it will save western lives, and a good deal of taxpayer money in the process.

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  1. **Very well said**, Brendan!

    Oh, how the left-wing commentators wittering on about the "Arab Spring" are being left with egg on their faces.

    At the bottom of ALL of the problems in the Middle East is ISLAM. *Nothing* will change there until the people reject Islam (and that sure as heck won't happen in the next 100 years, if ever).