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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Bail laws are an ass

Last week Inaya Kawthar, aged 24 was murdered by her former partner Ramintesh Avinash.  He was out on bail following a violent assault upon her less than a fortnight earlier when he was charged with threatening to kill, and assault with a weapon.

Bail was opposed by police.  It is understood that the community magistrate who provided bail will not face any form of censure.

How many times have we heard of tragic events like this, where criminals assault, rape and murder while on bail, when bail has been opposed by the police in the first instance?

What is happening with our judiciary?  While they drive home after a day's work to the comfort of their middle class lives, the people they are paid to protect face the kind of dangers experienced by Inaya Kawthar.

Why are they not held accountable for failing to follow police recommendations, resulting in the death of an innocent person?   Perhaps if they were, it might increase their compassion levels for the victim, even if it were only for self interest sake.

No one likes paying taxes.  However, if we have too few cells to hold these violent criminals, then I'm more than happy to pay more taxes to build them.  Prison may not rehabilitate anyone, but no one in the community is killed while these people are behind bars.

Thanks to Lindsay Mitchell for providing this link showing that in the last five years 23 people were convicted of murder while out on bail, plus others were convicted for a further range of violent offences.  Something has to change.

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